Effective and Affordable Solutions

This is aimed at improving the competitiveness and output of the Nigerian farmers by providing the right mix of agro inputs through knowledge, innovation and partnership in the most convenient and efficient ways; making Saro Agrosciences a sustainably profitable company.


Soil and Plant Nutrients

We are committed to supporting farmers and agriculture through the delivery of exceptional plant nutrition products (water soluble crystalline fertilizers, bio-stimulants and specialty fertilizers).


Hybrid Seeds

In partnership with Seedco, we market and distribute high quality hybrid seeds that are dramatically quadrupling farmers’ yields.



We leverage digital agricultural solutions to build, scale and improve the yield and livelihood of the farmers.


Crop Protection Products

We provide a broad range of top quality crop protection products and application equipment.


Advisory Services

We leverage digital solutions to provide tailor-made advisory services to the farmers on weather, early crop diseases diagnosis, commodity prices, etc.